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Does anyone understand the cloud anymore?

Our team at CorePacket does. With fully encrypted disks, applications as a service, and mobile access, our cloud is the answer to your modern day technology needs.

Service definitions can be completed in minutes to have a cluster that automatically grows when the CPU usage rises. Have it automatically shrink when it slows down. In the end, pay only for what you need and never go without.

Numerous templates provide you with virtual servers in seconds, not hours.

  • ttylinux – VMware
  • Carina Environment Manager
  • gUse v3.5.2
  • Vyatta Core 6.5R1 – kvm
  • gUSE CloudBroker Wrapper
  • debian-7.1-amd64-kvm
  • Hadoop 1.2 Master
  • Hadoop 1.2 Slave
  • Ubuntu Server 13.10 v2 – vdc
  • Peppermint 4 Desktop – vdc