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Looking to add an extra amenity to your building? Get FIBERFI gigabit Internet, a hassle-free internet option at no cost to you. Set up a site survey today.


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At last… Blazing fast internet access delivered to all tenants… Free!

Ready Set Go – Let’s clear the air. We’re a fiber/wireless ISP that provides fast, reliable internet service without contracts, changes in price, silly activation fees, equipment rentals, sub-par customer service, or a wait on activation.

Simple Facts: Our basic service plan of 5Mbps download and 1Mbps upload is free for all tenants in a building. Once installed, our service is always active and ready for new tenants on day one. Lastly, there is no cost to a building owner to have our service installed and maintained. 

How our service works

Free, unobtrusive building installation.

Our system uses airwaves (millimeter-wave technology), so unlike other providers, it’s fast and affordable to install. We simply place an access point on the roof, where it connects to our internal Gigabit building network. For building owners, this means a hassle-free setup. For people living in the building, it means getting service fast!

Our installation process

We install a small 10″ round antenna atop of the building roof that connects to our neighborhood fiber micropop. This delivers a multi-gigabit internet connection to the building.

Next, depending on building type, we’ll deliver access to tenants through fiber optic, ethernet or wireless at gigabit speeds.

How to get FIBERFI Internet

in your building

1. Set up a building visit

Set up a 30 minute on-site visit where our team will drop by and see if your building can be supported.

2. Sign an agreement

A Right of Entry agreement is signed so we can have access to your building.

3. Prepare for installation

We’ll prepare a work order for your approval before the installation. Be involved in the process as much or as little as you like.

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